Environmental Stewardship webmaster April 24, 2024

Environmental Stewardship

As part of our commitment to greener, more sustainable logistics, we look ahead to adopt innovative sustainable practices and capitalise on emerging opportunities drive positive transformation across the industry and our entities.

We are exploring ways to leverage data and analytics by tracking our environmental performance on our ESG dashboard, and also identifying opportunities to provide comprehensive environmental training to team members and key value chain partners. This will help forest a culture of sustainability and awareness.

Energy and emissions

As the global leader in LCL consolidation and India’s largest integrated logistics services provider, transportation services and travel emissions contribute the most to our carbon footprint. To mitigate this impact, we intend to increase the use of alternative fuel and Electric Vehicles, and prioritise carriers and road freight partners who are using or have set plans to use greener fuels including but not limited to green or blue ammonia, hydrogen fuel, biofuels, and so on for business operations. At Gati, India’s premier express distribution company and a flagship entity of Allcargo Group, we have committed to convert our entire first and last mile fleet to alternative fuel by 2025.


Our sites are located in urban areas or designated industrial and commercial zones having minimal damage to the nature conservation areas. We are looking to develop a standalone Biodiversity Policy with commitment statements to align with the regulatory requirements of the location of our operations. As a logistics company partnering with carriers, we are committed to minimising any indirect impact on marine biodiversity in our operations involved in ocean freight, and in the coming years, we will look to prioritise collaborating with carriers whose fleets are equipped with environment-friendly technologies that comply with global standards.

Water and waste

As an organisation providing logistics services, our water usage is limited to domestic purposes. We intend to conduct a waste audit to comprehend our patterns of waste generation and formulate a strategic plan for effective waste management. We are looking forward to monitoring the total water consumption and waste generation across the organization and taking requisite action.

Key highlights
  • Committed to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize environmental impact
  • Our Chairman Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty is a signatory to the ‘Statement of Support’ of the Forum Supply Chain & Transport Community to accelerate a zero-emission future
  • One million trees planted to green the earth’s cover
  • Electricity generation using wind and solar power to help reduce carbon emissions
  • Sustainability measures like sensor-based lighting, reduced use of plastics and disposables, encouraging car-pooling, minimizing print-outs, use of digital technology, etc., implemented at offices and facilities
Our policies and certificates
  • Environment Policy