Allcargo Terminals operates Container Freight Stations (CFS) and Inland Container Depots (ICD) across the country, offering one of India’s widest CFS networks.

lakh + TEU Capacity

Supply chain sustainability is swiftly gaining prominence as a global priority, and is poised to reshape the future of business operations.
As global supply chains look for more resilient ways to combat ever-changing business and geopolitical fluctuations, we are determined to move towards a more sustainable and resilient future with our strategic focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) commitments.
While delivering on logistics excellence across India and the globe, we look ahead to creating a positive impact and navigating the green horizon that is brimming with numerous opportunities.

By powering cross-industry partnerships with like-minded vendors, partners, and associates, to take collective measures in the interest of the planet and its people, we can truly make a difference that matters.
It is my firm belief that together, we can achieve great heights and help build a better world.

ESG Report 2022-23

Our Vision

Ingenuity in motion to serve stakeholders for market leadership, by far.

Our Mission

Always be customer-centric and proactive. Create digitally-enabled, well-governed, logistics magic, worldwide.

Our Purpose

Helping global supply chains, while caring for sustainability.

Our Values

Entrepreneurship with a Purpose
Practice the owner’s mindset, as the organisation is the collective soul of its employees. Be unwilling to accept ‘it cannot be done’ as an answer. Take initiative to push limits. Use resources consciously, chase goals aggressively, be frugal and pursue passion for business excellence.
Customer Centricity
Recognize that our customers are the reason for our existence. Be obsessive about delighting customers and all stakeholders. As our Vision and Mission suggest, go to infinite ends to deliver the best customer experiences.
Innovation and Execution
Constantly strive to challenge conventional views and drive innovation with new ideas, a futuristic outlook and perspectives from the youth. Maximise impact by delivering world-class solutions leveraging IT, digital platforms and newer technologies. Be agile, flexible and lead the disruption.
Build a highly capable and committed team to build growing businesses which deliver highest value by fostering a meaningful relationship with all stakeholders by practicing highest standards of business ethics, humility and governance.
Care for Environment and Society
Always aim to minimise the impact on environment, supporting scientific research that reflects environmental and sustainability concerns. Build a culture of empathy within the companies towards colleagues as well as underprivileged individuals around us. Be responsible corporate citizens and contribute to a better society, country and world at large.

Our Management Team

Guided by an experienced, independent Board comprising of seasoned professionals
Our exceptional leadership powering our forward strides to new milestones