Navigating India’s Logistics Landscape: Allcargo Terminals’ CFS in Nhava Sheva webmaster December 4, 2023

Navigating India’s Logistics Landscape: Allcargo Terminals’ CFS in Nhava Sheva

CFS in Nhava Sheva

The advent of CFS in Nhava Sheva and other parts of India has helped revolutionize the shipping industry. Before its existence, transporting goods used to be a challenging job, particularly for those with a smaller load. But CFS shipping has been a boon for small consignments, especially for e-commerce companies.

The Concept of CFS Shipping

CFS shipping involves the consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo of different exporters and importers before they are shipped. In a container freight station, consignments supposed to reach a particular destination are consolidated. Therefore, all cargo going to the same destination is packed in the same container at the CFS in Nhava Sheva.

Goods are sent to Container Yards from a CFS in large containers for export. Meanwhile, goods from Container Yards are sent to a CFS in Nhava Sheva for import. After that, goods for import are sent to the destination.

Functions of Container Freight Stations

The different purposes served by the CFS in Nhava Sheva are as follows:

  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Evaluating containers and checking consignment weight
  • Getting shipments at the origin and dispatching them at the destination
  • Recording the movement of shipments by tracking customs agents, exporters, importers, and other relevant parties
  • Offering a facility to store empty containers
  • Cargo consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Organizing empty containers from yards
  • Carrying out the maintenance and servicing of containers
The Process of CFS Shipping

CFS shipping particularly revolves around LCL shipments. LCL (Less than Container Load) refers to shipments that are small in size. These shipments don’t take up the entire space inside a container. Therefore, multiple LCL shipments are transported in the same container.

LCL shipping is ideal for companies that cannot afford a whole container. Therefore, LCL shipping is ideal for small companies to lower their shipping costs.

The whole process of shipping through a CFS in Nhava Sheva will work differently for export and import. The CFS shipping process during exports involves the following steps:

  • All shipments meant for export are sent to the CFS facility.
  • At the CFS in Nhava Sheva, all LCL shipments supposed to reach the same destination are consolidated into one container.
  • Next, the whole container is sent to the container yard.

The CFS shipping process in the case of imports will involve the following steps:

  • The container with multiple LCL shipments are sent to the CFS facility
  • The shipments are deconsolidated at the CFS in Nhava Sheva.
  • Next, the individual shipments will be sent to their destinations.
The Need for a CFS in Nhava Sheva

A CFS in Nhava Sheva is utterly beneficial for both importers and exporters. Several large corporations are equipped with their own CFS facilities. But, small businesses need to rely on local logistics providers to fulfill their shipping requirements. Since small businesses don’t ship large batches, they are not in need of Full Container Load shipping.

As the demand for LCL shipments has increased, CFS stations have become a trustworthy facility for import and export. As these facilities offer a centralized shipment location, the entire shipping operation becomes much more streamlined. The emergence of the Allcargo Terminals’ CFS in Nhava Sheva can be attributed to the following benefits:

Saves Time

Custom clearance procedures are usually pretty lengthy and tedious. But a CFS in Nhava Sheva is ideal for saving time. The experts at these facilities will tackle the customs clearance process for both importers and exporters.

Keeps Track of Shipment Data

A CFS in Nhava Sheva can record and store all crucial information about shipments. From the names of exporters and importers to cargo details, CFS shipping facilities have all the information. It ensures that no shipment gets misplaced or lost. Moreover, every container is given a unique identifying number to easily monitor cargo and containers all the time.

Lower Costs

A CFS in Nhava Sheva is ideal for LCL shipments. As these facilities consolidate multiple LCL shipments together, it helps reduce shipping costs.

Improves Security

While using a CFS in Nhava Sheva for exporting and importing goods, security is never a concern. Multiple skilled workers are present at these facilities to handle the loading and unloading process. The different goods are also stored in a proper condition to pass clearance checks.

Eliminates Congestion

The CFS facilities can remove clutter and congestion at ports and terminals. These facilities are responsible for making the shipment process smoother. Loading, unloading, stuffing, and de-stuffing are done with much ease at a CFS in Nhava Sheva.  


The Allcargo Terminals’ CFS in Nhava Sheva can handle maximum volumes of cargo. It comes with a massive advantage in terms of connectivity to the port. The Allcargo Terminals Nhava Sheva CFS comes with adequate space for both bonded and non-bonded warehousing. Additionally, customs officials will be present to make the CFS process easier. Go for Allcargo Terminals Nhava Sheva CFS shipping services today!