Revolutionizing Northern India’s Logistics: Allcargo’s ICD in Dadri webmaster December 11, 2023

Revolutionizing Northern India’s Logistics: Allcargo’s ICD in Dadri

ICD in Dadri

The Allcargo ICD in Dadri has been a massive development for efficient cargo movement in the nation. It has been offering businesses the convenience of using Dadri as a base, offering consolidation services to both importers and exporters. Establishing this ICD has been a strategic move to improve the logistics situation in northern India. Keep scrolling through this article to learn more about the Inland Container Depot in Dadri. 

Functions of the ICD in Dadri

The Inland Container Depot in Dadri serves the following functions:

  • These physical facilities store containers temporarily. The containers stay at an ICD as long as they are not loaded onto ships and moved to the port. Exporters often keep their cargo within containers inside an ICD in Dadri.
  • ICDs also help with import and export customs clearances, besides being a storage facility. All services available at a port are also accessible at an ICD in Dadri.
  • ICDs are often places for repairing and servicing containers or other moving equipment.
Strategic Location of the ICD in Dadri

Dadri in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Buddha Nagar is pretty close to the national capital of India. The place is also well-connected to various transportation arteries, including railways and highways. Therefore, the location of the ICD ensures that commodities can be transported to and from there. It results in a significant reduction in transit costs and time.

The Allcargo ICD in Dadri is in close proximity to the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor. Its connection to this railway corridor ensures smooth handling of freight traffic and streamlined transportation of goods. Therefore, the ICD is also responsible for optimizing the efficiency of the railway transportation sector of the Indian logistics industry.

The ICD in Dadri is also beneficial for the environment. By improving rail connectivity, the shift from road to rail is ensuring a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient mode of transportation.

The Use of Cutting-Edge Technology at the Allcargo ICD in Dadri

The Allcargo ICD in Dadri is equipped with cutting-edge technology to streamline the exporting and importing process. From advanced systems for real-time monitoring to smart equipment for cargo handling, the facility has it all. The incorporation of the latest technologies guarantees smooth and efficient transportation of commodities through the ICD.

Apart from being a hub of technological advancements, the ICD in Dadri is also efficient at handling your customs clearance process. The experts are well-trained to fulfill all the requirements of customs clearance, reducing the burden on the shoulders of importers and exporters. Therefore, businesses are able to enjoy minimized paperwork, faster turnaround times, and reduced hassles for engaging in international trade.

How Does the Dadri ICD Promote Supply Chain Efficiency?

Major cities like Delhi in north India are known for their heavy traffic congestion. The ICD in Dadri from Allcargo ensures cargo transportation is primarily performed through the railway network. Therefore, it helps in reducing the traffic on the roads. Transportation through the railway network also ensures faster and smoother goods transportation in the region.

By delivering efficient logistics services, the ICD in Dadri enables businesses to hold lower levels of inventory. Therefore, the storage costs are reduced, and the availability of goods also improves as per requirements. This level of supply chain efficiency is essential for improving the competitiveness of businesses in North India.

The streamlined logistics operations in the northern part of India are also contributing toward a major economic boost. The benefits of the ICD in Dadri are enabling businesses to acquire a competitive advantage in the domestic as well as global market. As a result, the economy in the northern part of India is improving.

Understanding the Difference Between ICD and CFS

The terms ICD and CFS are often considered to be interchangeable in the shipping industry. Both of these facilities are for the temporary storage of containers to be imported or exported. But a point of difference is present between these facilities.

A Container Freight Station is always in close proximity to the mother port. But they are never connected through any rail transport. On the other hand, Inland Container Depot is for connecting ports to their respective rail transport. Therefore, you will find ICDs are mainly located in the interiors of the country, at a long distance from their ports.


The Allcargo ICD in Dadri has a space of 5000 sq ft for tackling imported LCL cargo. The approved bonding facility also has adequate space for reefer containers with uninterrupted power supply and charging points. Apart from following regulatory compliance measures, the facility offers 24*7 safety with a trained security force and CCTV monitoring.

The Allcargo ICD in Dadri can be considered a prominent player in India’s logistics sector. It offers the best shipping experiences to both import and export businesses. Moreover, it is an exemplary model of integrating end-to-end logistics solutions to deliver competitive advantages to customers.