Case Studies
Team members step up to contribute and make a difference
  •  Tree plantation, sapling distribution, and other activities carried
    out at our offices all over the world, on occasion of World
    Environment Day.
  • Every year, team members of ECU Worldwide Antwerp
    participate with full enthusiasm in World Clean Up day, as
    people and companies unite to collect dozens to hundreds of
    kilos of garbage. The results are much cleaner streets!
  • As part of the ECU Worldwide Entrepreneurship Challenge,
    employees from various departments came together and
    shared their innovative ideas within any 2 of the 5 criteria (Cost
    Effectiveness, Process Elimination / Improvement, Profit
    Maximisation, Possibility of implementation, Uniqueness).
    Winners got the opportunity to work alongside the relevant
    department and implement their idea into action.
  • Since 2017, Nordicon, an ECU Worldwide company, has partnered with IT For Children, a Swedish non-profit operating in Ghana, to promote positive development in African countries through the donation, inspection, and shipment of used laptops, providing free access to computers, internet, and IT education for hundreds of school children. Nordicon actively supports IT For Children’s mission by offering free transportation for donated computers and engaging with industry partners to contribute used computers or financial support, furthering the organization’s efforts to empower African communities through technology.
  • Nordicon supports the Halmstad University Solar Team, a non-profit student organization in Sweden, dedicated to creating a sustainable future for the automotive industry. They are developing a solar-powered racing car to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a 3000 km race across Australia. As part of its sponsorship, Nordicon in Sweden, plays a crucial role by sponsoring the transportation of the solar car to and from Australia. This support aligns with the team’s goal of revolutionizing the automotive industry and promoting the transition to completely fossil-free vehicles.
  • Nordicon encouraged Ung Cancer (Young Cancer), an organization providing psychosocial and rehabilitation support to cancer survivors to fill the gap that often arises between life in the hospital and real-world experiences. 550 bracelets were bought from the organization and sent out to customers as Christmas gifts.

Dual objectives of greening the earth’s cover and providing livelihood to farmers who tend to the trees.

Fruit-bearing trees planted in tribal regions in and around Maharashtra.
  • An inclusive initiative, it involves a number of more activities that include:
    • Identifying the right beneficiaries and making them aware about the project.
    • Survey of the land/plot.
    • Participation of the project beneficiaries through digging of the pits i.e. their ‘sweat equity’ in the project.
    • Creating awareness among farmers of seasonal variations and risks.
  •  Working towards conservation of the water and soil.
  • One million trees planted.
  • Over 14,000 farmers benefit from an alternative source of income.
  • Our team members participate in tree plantation and experience the joy of making a difference
Taking forward strides in our ESG journey


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energy consumption
through solar energy


trees planted to green
the earth’s cover


beneficiaries of
inclusive CSR initiatives


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cases of corruption
and bribery