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Supply chain sustainability is swiftly gaining prominence as a global priority, and is poised to reshape the future of business operations.
As global supply chains look for more resilient ways to combat ever-changing business and geopolitical fluctuations, we are determined to move towards a more sustainable and resilient future with our strategic focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) commitments.
While delivering on logistics excellence across India and the globe, we look ahead to creating a positive impact and navigating the green horizon that is brimming with numerous opportunities.
By powering cross-industry partnerships with like-minded vendors, partners, and associates, to take collective measures in the interest of the planet and its people, we can truly make a difference that matters.
It is my firm belief that together, we can achieve great heights and help build a better world.
Shashi Kiran Shetty

Founder and Executive Chairman, Allcargo Group

ESG Report 2022-23

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Our ESG performance highlights


468 GJ

energy consumption
through solar energy


trees planted to green
the earth’s cover


beneficiaries of
inclusive CSR initiatives


females on the


cases of corruption
and bribery

Goals and ambitions

Defining our ESG roadmap

Our ESG goals and commitments are a culmination of industry expertise, insights from business and data analytics, inputs from senior leadership and external consultants, as well as deliberations with team members from the world over.

We are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and look ahead to contribute towards sustainability commitments of the countries we operate in.

We aim to be carbon neutral by 2040

  • Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2040.
  • 100% transition to renewable sources for electricity consumption at all owned facilities by 2040.
  • Committed to making a safer workplace for all our employees and workers.
  • 50% (40%-GATI) gender diversity in junior and middle management by 2040.
  • 40% (30%-GATI) gender diversity in the top management.
  • Committed to multiple United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – SDG 3, 4, 11, and 14 to benefit community growth.
  • Zero cases of data and cybersecurity breaches through timely resolution of cyber incidents, if any
  • Continue to ensure Zero employment of child and forced labour.
  • Continue to ensure Zero instances of human rights violation.
  • Maintain zero instances of noncompliance with regulatory requirements year-on-year.

Taking forward strides in our ESG journey

Environment and Society

We endeavour to create a greener, happier, and more sustainable planet by imbibing our core value of Care for Environment and Society.

Reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact, contributing to resource conservation, enabling free, fair, and bias-free workplaces, as well as powering social welfare initiatives for vulnerable sections of society are only a few of our many steps in this direction.

Business Ethics and Governance

We aim to achieve excellence in good governance by complying with requisite regulatory guidelines and also enabling continual improvement by innovating and adopting industry-best business practices.
As a responsible corporate citizen, conscious of our duties and promise towards all stakeholders, we not only protect their rights, but also provide timely and accurate information about the company in a transparent manner.
Strong ethics form the very foundation of our business processes, interactions, and associations with team members, customers,n vendors, partners, associates, and all stakeholders.